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Monday, 29 November 2010

Sorry for posting twice in one day but this just happened and it was funny hahaha and I know how much you guys in japanland will appreciate that we are having a rad time in the snow as well as you!!


Testing out the skibike

While half the team were getting ready to mission off to Japan (Barry P is huge in Japan) I decided to do a wee project. Here is a video of the first prototype. In all fairness it only took us a week to do all the manly things like hammering and welding cos we had moustaches!!

Keep a look out for some vids of rails which will be up soon or maybe ill just put up some photos and save the vids for the final edit haha

Keep it Skibike, I mean RADSTORM


Urban Goof

Gav Rettie has been getting urban in Scotland with all the snow that has been dumping it down there!! Also check out his rad moustasche he is growing for movember in the photo above....

Thursday, 25 November 2010


Yup the flipper, the cat and the nutter have headed to Japan for the season, a few crazy days in Tokyo, and lot's of traveling we are now in Kutchan where we will reside for the next 4/5 months. Currently waiting for the snow to fall keeping ourselves occupied with rubix cubes, juggling and kundama oh yeah and the internet ha!! Keep posted for more updates.

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

well it's been a while....

The summer has come and gone and now that chill is in the air, which means one things winter is a coming, wooooooooooooo. In 18 days Barry, Craig and Natalie head to Japan for the season so look out for many edits of the rad fun times that will be had over there. Ally, Gav and Chris will be tearing up the Scottish snow for us.

We will all be filming for our feature length film over the season, which yes will feature us riding in Scotland as originally planned but also all over too which should make it even more rad and will think up some crazy ideas along with our filmer Andy Begg. Ally, Barry, Craig and Natalie had a wee filming sesh at Hillend a month or so ago which was....hmm what's the word....interesting, haha!! Some gnarly sessions going down at Garthdizzle when the gangter has ventured up too, stoked to be riding with him again.

What else has been happening.... ah well nae too much really, we've all managed to get some good surf and oh yeah Barry passed his level 1 BASI ski instructor, SHOCKING, although he has been busting out some aerial manouvers on ski's but still tut tut Barry!! (Gav think he looks even more like Marv when on ski's, hehehe) He's also been entering some snowboard comps with Natalie which have been good fun. Barry placing high and busting out tricks like the todeo 7 and with his new found love of rails is a stand out rider for sure. Here's some photo's from them....

Gav Rettie has been down to SUDS and with his new bright pink snowboard boots he had gained rad super powers through his mascots and Teradactyl friends Rad and Storm on his boots, helping him fly fly fly and pop pop pop. He was busting out rad moves like this front flip while posing for the camera mid air haha, only one word can describe this RAD!!

Rite that's it for now, we will have mucho rad, crazy, insane posts coming at ya over the season....