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Saturday, 25 December 2010

A Rainy Day In Japan....

....but Freestyle Max had a blast teaching us some new moves using the snodice....

Monday, 6 December 2010

Beer Pong....

Hearing hollers of 'I'm heating' up followed by a slam dunk of a ping pong ball into a cup of beer can only mean one thing, yes you've entered party central in Kutchan where we are famous for our legendary games of beer pong happening twice a week, this shit is off the hook. Below is the monumental beer cans from games gone by....

The following are some snapshot's of the action with the legendary beer pong master Barry P and is sidekick of pong, iiiiittttt's Ruuuummmbllesss....

gnarly bed boarding, oh yeah....

A super wee edit put together by Barry of Barry, getting gnarly on a bed with his board. That's what coming to Japan and it pissing of rain will do to you, driving us maaaad!! He's also entered it into a jib edit comp as it said if you got no snow then get creative and well I'm sure you can agree by watching he did....

Sunday, 5 December 2010

the bowl rumbles....

So tonight we went and checked out the Loaf Lounge in Kutchan just down the road from where we're staying, sick chill out/ hang out spot which serves food/ drink, where the locals hang out, old dudes playing instruments jamming, ping pong and the highlight a mini ramp and bowl. Craig was killing it along side the locals in the bowl, no photo's or footage but I'm sure we'll get some next time!!
Check out the Loaf Lounge website and see what it's all about....

gav goes urban street rail stylee....

Check these sick shots of Gav Rettie slaying those Aberdeen street rails, props dude....

They are taken by Frame Photography (Scotland) http://www.frame-photography.co.uk/

Friday, 3 December 2010

airplane snooze....

if you have nothing better to do in the next minute of your life, have a quick watch of this, money back if it doesn't put a smile on your face....

Aberdeen to Niseko, Japan, the travels....

Barry has made up this we edit of the adventure so far of himself, Craig and Natalie's adventure to Niseko where we're chilling, riding and partying for the season.... so far mainly chilling, haha!! This shows our few days spent wondering around as Craig calls it Stokyo, fun times....

Monday, 29 November 2010

Sorry for posting twice in one day but this just happened and it was funny hahaha and I know how much you guys in japanland will appreciate that we are having a rad time in the snow as well as you!!


Testing out the skibike

While half the team were getting ready to mission off to Japan (Barry P is huge in Japan) I decided to do a wee project. Here is a video of the first prototype. In all fairness it only took us a week to do all the manly things like hammering and welding cos we had moustaches!!

Keep a look out for some vids of rails which will be up soon or maybe ill just put up some photos and save the vids for the final edit haha

Keep it Skibike, I mean RADSTORM


Urban Goof

Gav Rettie has been getting urban in Scotland with all the snow that has been dumping it down there!! Also check out his rad moustasche he is growing for movember in the photo above....

Thursday, 25 November 2010


Yup the flipper, the cat and the nutter have headed to Japan for the season, a few crazy days in Tokyo, and lot's of traveling we are now in Kutchan where we will reside for the next 4/5 months. Currently waiting for the snow to fall keeping ourselves occupied with rubix cubes, juggling and kundama oh yeah and the internet ha!! Keep posted for more updates.

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

well it's been a while....

The summer has come and gone and now that chill is in the air, which means one things winter is a coming, wooooooooooooo. In 18 days Barry, Craig and Natalie head to Japan for the season so look out for many edits of the rad fun times that will be had over there. Ally, Gav and Chris will be tearing up the Scottish snow for us.

We will all be filming for our feature length film over the season, which yes will feature us riding in Scotland as originally planned but also all over too which should make it even more rad and will think up some crazy ideas along with our filmer Andy Begg. Ally, Barry, Craig and Natalie had a wee filming sesh at Hillend a month or so ago which was....hmm what's the word....interesting, haha!! Some gnarly sessions going down at Garthdizzle when the gangter has ventured up too, stoked to be riding with him again.

What else has been happening.... ah well nae too much really, we've all managed to get some good surf and oh yeah Barry passed his level 1 BASI ski instructor, SHOCKING, although he has been busting out some aerial manouvers on ski's but still tut tut Barry!! (Gav think he looks even more like Marv when on ski's, hehehe) He's also been entering some snowboard comps with Natalie which have been good fun. Barry placing high and busting out tricks like the todeo 7 and with his new found love of rails is a stand out rider for sure. Here's some photo's from them....

Gav Rettie has been down to SUDS and with his new bright pink snowboard boots he had gained rad super powers through his mascots and Teradactyl friends Rad and Storm on his boots, helping him fly fly fly and pop pop pop. He was busting out rad moves like this front flip while posing for the camera mid air haha, only one word can describe this RAD!!

Rite that's it for now, we will have mucho rad, crazy, insane posts coming at ya over the season....

Wednesday, 18 August 2010


Check out this slow mo footage of Barry Front Flip Hand Planting a box, sick....

Friday, 6 August 2010

Film update

So work is due to begin soon on Team Radstorm's feature-length film 'Rainy Days', due for release late Spring 2011. Forget the Best of Britain series and other previous dry-slope films because we have a new formula to bring to the table! Rather than showing hundreds of riders showcasing their best on basic kickers and rails Team Radstorm will be touring the lengths of Scotland, throwing up mad original ideas on throwing down. We're going to show why the year-round season that dry-slope allows makes Scotland one of the most original and passionate snowboarding communities world-wide. Fingers crossed for repeat of the snowfall from last season, then we will have some crazy Scottish snow riding to show you too!

Keep checking the blog for updates and other random crap as always. Rainy days ahead!

Wednesday, 4 August 2010

we made Halldor Helgason proud :)

Natalie posted our edit of learning to be G on Halldor Helgasons facebook page and we were all in shock today when he replied and here's what he said 'hahaha hell yeah, im stoked! you bros got this, i will post this up tomorrow'. Stoked on this and guess what the edit is now up on the Helgasons blog woooooooooooooooooooo and the best thing is.... Halldor says he's proud :) Thank you for posting it up Halldor and thank you for teaching us how to be G, we hope to ride with you guys and the AWSM Crew one day.

Check it....

Saturday, 31 July 2010

Gav living secret double-life as a musician?

Any Radstorm fans out there who are familiar with New-York based Georgian gypsy-punk rockers Gogol Bordello may have noticed a striking resemblance between their mental frontman Eugene Hutz and Radstorm's own Gav Rettie. Well we have a sneaking suspicion that the two are one and the same!

When he's not snowboarding Gav is touring the world playing gypsy-punk to millions. All in a day's work for the man with the awesome moustache! Our suspicions may or may not be true, however when you compare the alleged Hutz's entertaining with the crazy style with which Gav approaches snowboarding and drinking it is obvious that there is a real similarity.

For those of you that have never heard of them, here's a recent performance on Jools Holland to prove to you that Eugene Hutz really is the music business equivalent of Gav Rettie!

Wednesday, 28 July 2010

The Return of the Gangsta..

Thanks to the Helgason's and Torstein Radstorm are now all G'd up ready for the return of Gangsta Ally G. Gav and Chris still have to learn the art of being G but we'll let Ally sort them out!! We will fully unite once again and are excited about starting filming for our feature length film, many ideas are flowing through our brains so we will get together and plan out what we want to do.....

Monday, 26 July 2010

Radstorm learning to be G from the helgassons

Well it's been a while, a long while since we've had a Radstorm edit but fear not we're back, wooooooo!! Barry, Craig and Natalie felt they needed to be more G and who better to learn this from, why the Helgason's of course!! With Nicol Paton filming providing some classic commentary, enjoy.....

Radstorm learning to be G from the helgassons from BarryP on Vimeo.

Saturday, 24 July 2010

The Caped Crusader!!

Captain Rad will be Storming into the Rescue while filming too!!

The Glorious Moustasche!!

In our feature length film you will see Gav's Glorious Moustasche and Wonderful Hairdo!!

Stay tuned for the Adventures of 'Gavin Rettie Angler Extraordinaire, who has a Glorious Moustasche and is Awesome at Volleyball'

Here's a lil teaser.....

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Hey everybody hope summer's going well. We've got big news for next season. Team Radstorm will be producing their first feature-length film documenting their Scottish snowboarding tour over the course of the season. We plan to tour the country throwing up original ideas on how to throw down on all the slopes (and some hills) that Scotland has to offer. With Andrew Begg on lead photography it should be a belter of a follow-up to Radstorm's award winning* short-film from 2009. Just watch for Team Radstorm's 'Rainy Days', coming late Spring 2011.

*not an oscar or cannes film festival award boi, Goat of the Hill 1st place (way better)

Saturday, 29 May 2010

Cairngorms Shredding end of May, Wowzah!!

The Scottish snow season has been epic!! So much so we still have snow up the Cairngorms to ride, woohoo :) So last Saturday Craig, Barry, Chris and Natalie headed up riding with friends for what was an amazing day of shredding the park and hiking for a blast down the mountain followed by some jibbery!! A highlight being Craig's turtle spin (I think that's what he called it, haha) What made the day even more perfect was the amazing conditions of no wind and summer sunshine, it was so so hot, yes t-shirt shredding scotland, wow!! We headed down to the Loch and the wee beach area they have there for a paddle in the water to cool down, super rad good times, what snowboardings all about really :) Here's some photo's just to make ya all a wee bit jealous, haha!!

Craig on flat down rail

Barry Front Flipping

End of day, STOKED

Chillin at the beach :)

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

AG in the house

Hey yo it's Radstorm's resident gangsta here with my first actual post. Riding in Canada this season has been sweet! The way of life out here is so laid back and the shred is pretty hardcore too! Hopefully gonna get plenty of footage before the season's out for you Radstorm fans to enjoy. Got a pretty busy week ahead working on that so I'll try to keep you posted.

Anyway the reason I'm making this post is to put up a Radstorm exclusive video of me cruising down one of the smoothest runs at Sunshine Village. I'd definately recommend a visit if you can manage to get out here at some point. The powder is dryer and fluffier than any I've ever ridden and the majority of the snow comes in late March to mid May. The following video is from last week as the snow started to wind down for the season. Enjoy and I'll hit you up soon with more action


Banff Ave from Ally Gray on Vimeo.

Friday, 14 May 2010


So Goofy Gav has been telling everyone over the past few days that Barry is Marv from Home Alone. We think this pic of Marv is taken at an angle that shows the resemblance best, can you decide who's who from the photo's pretty darn hard if you ask me, hehe ;)

the return of the Scallywag :)

He has crossed the seas and travelled afar but now his return to the homeland is on the horizon! Rumbles our steezy scallywag will arrive on our shores tomorrow ready to flip, spin, bonk and skitch his way around on his board! Sid and Steve pictured are looking forward to the return of their captain and are scrubbing the decks ready for some gnarly crazy fun times!! We salute you captain Rumbles!!

Thursday, 13 May 2010


So to tide you over until we get the summer fun edits on the go here's a selection of photo's, props to the photographers who have taken some sick shot's, these are a mix of old and new.....

Friday, 30 April 2010

stickity stick stick stickeroos

Team Radstorm started off as a crew of the raddest riders to film an edit for a wee comp at Garthdizzle, but we enjoyed riding with each other having sooooo much fun pushing each other to try new crazy stuff on our boards that we now 'Ride Till Death' YEAH!! Inspired by the Helgasons blog we felt we should start a blog too, documenting all our amazing gnaradical adventures, as we have many and there is so much more to come, the ideas are constantly flowing.

As a way of representing who we are and spreading the word on our blog we will be rocking Team Radstorm stickers on our boards, fear not fans if we get the interest there will be the possibility to design and get ones made up especially for you which will be slightly different from the team ones!!

Here's a sample one on Nat Attacks board!!


Ally G is busy getting his shred on but has had some time to make up this wee vid of him bringing freestyle to the powder bowls of Lake Louise. Word from the man himself is that he has a lil surprise for you radstorm fans that he'll be posting up sometime, we all look forward to this and it will be Ally's first post on the blog, woohoo!!

Back Bowl Bails from Ally Gray on Vimeo.

Vans Dawn Of The Shred.....

Video of Vans Dawn Of The Shred Highlights, look closely and you may just see Barry and Natalie who took part in the comp, more just so they could shred the awesome park that has been built at the Cairngorms! Super fun day, rad dudes/ dudettes to ride with good times had by all!!

Sunday, 25 April 2010

Slalom Champ!!

So Barry P has been having an amazing time recently with his riding, just keeps stepping his game up!! Wednesday night saw the slalom round of the carpet burn cup series at Garthdizzle where the fastest time down the slalom course on the dendix slope wins!! Rocking up to the event with 2 boards in hand (his freestyle board and freshly waxed race board) Barry meant business! Everyone better watch out cause he had that fire in his eye's knowing he was in with a chance of kicking some serious ass, yeah!! annnnnnd guess what as the photo above shows that freshly waxed board gave him the edge in the comp and came away with gold woohoo, congrats dude!