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Friday, 30 April 2010

stickity stick stick stickeroos

Team Radstorm started off as a crew of the raddest riders to film an edit for a wee comp at Garthdizzle, but we enjoyed riding with each other having sooooo much fun pushing each other to try new crazy stuff on our boards that we now 'Ride Till Death' YEAH!! Inspired by the Helgasons blog we felt we should start a blog too, documenting all our amazing gnaradical adventures, as we have many and there is so much more to come, the ideas are constantly flowing.

As a way of representing who we are and spreading the word on our blog we will be rocking Team Radstorm stickers on our boards, fear not fans if we get the interest there will be the possibility to design and get ones made up especially for you which will be slightly different from the team ones!!

Here's a sample one on Nat Attacks board!!


Ally G is busy getting his shred on but has had some time to make up this wee vid of him bringing freestyle to the powder bowls of Lake Louise. Word from the man himself is that he has a lil surprise for you radstorm fans that he'll be posting up sometime, we all look forward to this and it will be Ally's first post on the blog, woohoo!!

Back Bowl Bails from Ally Gray on Vimeo.

Vans Dawn Of The Shred.....

Video of Vans Dawn Of The Shred Highlights, look closely and you may just see Barry and Natalie who took part in the comp, more just so they could shred the awesome park that has been built at the Cairngorms! Super fun day, rad dudes/ dudettes to ride with good times had by all!!

Sunday, 25 April 2010

Slalom Champ!!

So Barry P has been having an amazing time recently with his riding, just keeps stepping his game up!! Wednesday night saw the slalom round of the carpet burn cup series at Garthdizzle where the fastest time down the slalom course on the dendix slope wins!! Rocking up to the event with 2 boards in hand (his freestyle board and freshly waxed race board) Barry meant business! Everyone better watch out cause he had that fire in his eye's knowing he was in with a chance of kicking some serious ass, yeah!! annnnnnd guess what as the photo above shows that freshly waxed board gave him the edge in the comp and came away with gold woohoo, congrats dude!

Saturday, 24 April 2010

wee edit

heres a quick edit with guest appearances from the cheese and crackers team riders, lara wood and kris bell...check it...

Monday, 19 April 2010

backflip barry p or is it front flipping barry p!!

Sooooooooooooo Barry does'nt want this to be made public really, buuuuuuut, since our wee blog has'nt made it to mainstream viewing yet, RADSTORM FANS Backflip Barry P has been asked to be on the Boarderline team, we're all stoked for you :D He will be joining fellow radstorm shredder Natalie on the Bline team!! This is much deserved as he has been getting more than a lil bit gnarly at the slope progressing his riding, all his trips on snow this year have contributed to this for sure!! Saturday night saw one of his craziest stunts to date, a massive front flip landing onto mal's box, looked raaaaaaaad!!!!! It's been captured on film as seeing is believing so I'm sure he'll get it posted up at some point as it's most definitely radstorm worthy. For now here's a photo of him at the Vans Dawn Of The Shred, he's not too stoked on his style in it but I say it's still a pretty sick shot!! (oh and Barry if your not happy about this being posted up feel free to delete it, haha!!)