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Friday, 5 March 2010

An EPIC Snowy Adventure.....

What to do mid week when you've got a day off work and no uni, weeelllll go on a snowy adventure of course!!

The day started at 8am where Natalie picked Gav up and headed to Barry's house once there Barry's car was loaded up, with the arrival of skier and camera man Craig Blyth we were all set to go, YEAH!!

Where to I hear you ask, well Natalie had seen some pics of deep snow at Glen Tanar, it looked amazing but alas when we got there it was not quite how we'd pictured it, damn!! After driving along a single track road covered in snow we came to a fairly steep hill that was a bit too much for the car to get up, that and there was a mob of gnarly sheep blocking the way!! Craig was straight out of the car with his camera chasing after them to get their photo's, they even ventured up to us but gav and barry were on hand to scare them away, haha!!

Barry rather happy after scaring away the sheep!!

Earlier in the week radstorm had acquired a long peice of rope, so now to leave Glen tanar in style with Gav and Natalie being towed behind the car all the way back to the main road with Blyth hanging out the boot taking photo's!! Along the way we met a tractor and an old man walking that gav tried to high 5, bet they don't see that everyday, haha!!

Natalie wiping out Gav, hehe!!

Now on to the Lecht we went tally-ho.....
We were met with blue skies no wind, perfect conditions, stoked!

Here's Craig Blyth standing next to the HUGE walls of snow at either side of the road,

Lot's of fun was had riding everything the Lecht has to offer saweet!! Blyth had scoped out a wind lip that we went and sessioned for a lil bit getting some photo's and footage. The boys were doing their front flipping, some interesting flips were had for sure!! while Natalie just straight aired off them, having not done anything like this before, good times :)

Barry Front Flip

Gav Front Flip

Natalie dropping in

A rad fun day was had by all and it did'nt finish there, after some pizza at Barry's house we headed to Garthdizzle for the bumps round of the carpet burn cup!! Keep a look out for some edits of footage of our day of fun :)

Now will leave you with this, haha...... only Gav could turn from gangsta to gay in a day!!!! (Sorry gav but it's just too funny!!)

A big thank you to Craig Blyth for taking all these awesome photo's :)

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