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Monday, 19 April 2010

backflip barry p or is it front flipping barry p!!

Sooooooooooooo Barry does'nt want this to be made public really, buuuuuuut, since our wee blog has'nt made it to mainstream viewing yet, RADSTORM FANS Backflip Barry P has been asked to be on the Boarderline team, we're all stoked for you :D He will be joining fellow radstorm shredder Natalie on the Bline team!! This is much deserved as he has been getting more than a lil bit gnarly at the slope progressing his riding, all his trips on snow this year have contributed to this for sure!! Saturday night saw one of his craziest stunts to date, a massive front flip landing onto mal's box, looked raaaaaaaad!!!!! It's been captured on film as seeing is believing so I'm sure he'll get it posted up at some point as it's most definitely radstorm worthy. For now here's a photo of him at the Vans Dawn Of The Shred, he's not too stoked on his style in it but I say it's still a pretty sick shot!! (oh and Barry if your not happy about this being posted up feel free to delete it, haha!!)

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