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Saturday, 13 February 2010

Craig's farewell shred!!!!

So cat-like craig rumbles is leaving tomorrow to travel around and surf for a few months which sounds awesome!! Although he could not leave without one final shred of the dry matt and needing to find an excuse to postpone tidying his room, haha, teamed up with natalie nutter riley for a fun wee session!!

After finding and fixing craig's toe strap it was time to shred, woohoo..... It was going good, fun times were had, craig was introduced to the mal c box but then when the camera came out to get some footage of the rumbles steeze the main man rumbles felt the pressure and what would normally come so easy and styleeeeee to him became a frustrating roll of sketchy manouvers!!!!

The camera was put away and we took to the kicker practicing some big tweaked out grabs which were fun! Hope you have a rad trip, take care and safe travels ruuuummmmbbbbblllleeeessssss from your fellow team members!!

Here's a wee edit of the day, showing team radstorm have some sketchy days of riding like everyone else but fun is still had and we come back fighting next time, oh yes, it's just part of the progression!!

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