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Monday, 1 February 2010

Radstorm stepping their game up, woop!!

Saturday night saw a mini Radstorm gathering of half the team, with a snowy dryslope running nice and fast it set the scene for some amazing trickery! The highlights being Craig Rumbles STEEEEZZZZYYYY corked 7 the dude oozes style! and Backflip Barry P throwing down some huge front flips, say what?, yup and not just any old front flip but throwing a front flip high 5 to Rumbles while flying over him, booya!! News from Barry today was that he was getting front flip nose grabs off the kicker, wow I can't wait to see this. Sadly non of this is on film but a Radstorm film session will take place soon and you know it's going to be insane, haha!!

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