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Saturday, 20 February 2010

radstorm represent at the granite city invitational!!

So tonight at Garthdizzle saw the annual Granite City Invitational, where students from all over Scotland get together for an epic shred! With a covering of snow and ice the scene was set for some amazing riding.

Radstorm's very own Gav and Barry were there representing the team and a fine job they did. Gav took part in the slopestyle event before retiring to the bottom of the slope as the beer was calling out to him and he's not one to turn down the calls of a lonesome beer!! He was then later found with the mic MCing for a bit which he's a natural at!!

Barry on the other hand was like a machine flying up and down the slope for the big air and the quarter pipe events and he was killing it! Front flip nose grabs, heelside rodeo's, steezy back 1's and grabs, corked 5's and so so close to landing the corked 7's he was blasting through his bag of tricks some of which he has only just recently learned, this landed him in 3rd place, mad props to you Barry!! The quarter pipe was judged on who got the biggest air and Barry blew away the competition coming 1st as BP is not afraid to go big, so a successful night for someone who just flew in from Switzerland this afternoon and headed straight to the slope to ride!!!!

Well done guys :)

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